Affirmation of Commitment and Rules​


I understand that in order for our family to participate in ACE, we must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Understand that NBHSA is a Christ-centered interdenominational nonprofit support group of home-schooling families and functions as such

  • An NBHSA-ACE Participation Application must be submitted in person at the time of the admissions interview.

  • Understand that the ACE Program teams up parents, students and instructors, and your involvement with your student’s education does not end with enrollment at ACE.

  • Understand that the instructor has the authority to decide at any time if the student can begin or continue to participate in class.

  • Agree to secure own textbooks, books, and supplies required by the instructor as listed in the class description.

  • Understand that all payments to NBHSA-ACE (fees, events, lunch, and merchandise) must be paid to "@NBHSA-ACE" via Venmo. However, payments made to instructors (monthly tuition and semester material fees) must be paid to each individual instructor using Venmo. The personal Venmo names of each instructor, tuition, and fees are located on each class description. 

  • Agree to pay to "@NBHSA-ACE": The following yearly fees are based on the number of children you plan to enroll at ACE:

2021-2022 yearly participation fee: Due after submitting an ACE Participation/Registration Application and attending a scheduled pre-enrollment interview. Fee must be paid to "@NBHSA-ACE" via Venmo before ACE Enrollment will be confirmed:

1 child total = $100

2 children total = $125 

3 children total = $150

4 children or more total = $175

  • Agree to pay to "@NBHSA-ACE" via Venmo:

(1) Tuition:

  • All tuition is due the first Tuesday of each month. 

  • Any tuition that is not paid on or before the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 11:59PM, will be subjected to a $10 late fee payable to "@NBHSA-ACE" via Venmo.

  • Any tuition that is not paid before the end of the month could result in dismissal without refund, if parent has not consulted with the instructor/leadership and has ignored repeated attempts by leadership to communicate and form a plan of action.

  • Full 1st semester tuition will be due if class is dropped after September 28, 2021, except for extraordinary circumstances.

  • Full 2nd semester tuition will be due if class is dropped after February 22, 2022, except for extraordinary circumstances.

  • December and May tuition must be paid regardless of attendance.

(2)   Sometimes dropping a class is necessary, but it has become far to commonplace. This has lead to the implementation of a "Drop" policy. This policy will allow one free class drop per family each semester. After August 31, 2021, a $10 fee will be incurred for each class drop during the months of September and February (please see above for specific dates). You are always able to add classes at no charge. The ideal time to switch classes is in between semesters. Material fees and tuition are non-refundable once they are paid to the instructor.

  • Agree to pay directly to instructors personal Venmo accounts: 

(1) Monthly tuition for classes. Full monthly tuition is due no later than the 1st Tuesday of every month regardless of student’s attendance.  

(2) Any materials/lab fees per class, which are not part of the class tuition.

  • Understand that class size is limited. Priority for registration is first to returning students in good standing and then to new students who did not attend the previous year. When classes are filled, students will be a placed on a waiting list as requested by the parent. 

  • NBHSA reserves the right to deny ACE participation and enrollment to anyone who has previously:

1.      ended the school year with outstanding account balances (December and May tuition must be paid regardless of attendance)

2.      habitually paid tuition late

3.      sought to intimidate, humiliate, or threaten an instructor, parent, or leadership

4.      sought to tear down the reputation of an instructor, parent, student, or leadership

5.      has a child who has bullied other children or instructors, verbally or non-verbally

* None of these qualities are in line with our vision and mission for ACE, which includes encouraging and empowering all the people associated with this organization. We desire to work together, serve one another, and glorify God in all that we do through speech and action.



  1. One parent from each family is required to be on property at all times while your children are attending ACE. You are 100% responsible for your children. There are no areas that are monitored by adults. No children, including teens, should be outside except when under the direct supervision of an adult. Children cannot be dropped off. The only exception is for students who drive themselves to ACE. However, there is a zero tolerance policy for teens who are at ACE without a parent. If the rules are broken, a parent will be required to be with their teen during ACE classes for the remainder of the school year. 

  2. Typically, classes are held at First Baptist Church of Mims (FBCM) located at 2395 Kentucky Ave., Mims, FL, 32754. Classes may also be held at nearby facilities. We want to avoid causing any disturbances or disruptions to the church staff as they carry out the normal business and ministries of the church. Please do not congregate (students or parents) in the main hallway near the main office. Respect all church property. Do not touch any instruments or equipment in the facility.  Food is not allowed in the Main Building.

  3. Students are expected to keep up with homework assignments. Parents are expected to supervise homework at home to ensure daily progress. A parent may be contacted by the instructor about a student repeatedly not having their homework or not keeping up with assigned reading. If the student continues in this manner, the student will not be allowed to remain in the class.

  4. Students are expected to attend classes regularly. If a student must miss class due to illness or a family trip, he is expected to contact the instructor and make up any reading assignments or homework that was missed before returning to class.

  5. Mobile phones can be a distraction. Phone usage during class is only allowed with instructor permission. Instructors have the right to confiscate phones, in which case, the phone will be returned at the end of class and administration will be notified. Repeated violations will result in a phone ban for that student. 

  6. Students must maintain a respectful, courteous attitude toward parents, instructors, church staff, fellow students, and administration at all times. There is to be no physical fighting, yelling, destructive behavior, smoking, vaping or defacing of church property. No violent, obscene, or profane speech or gestures are allowed at any time. Students may not bring magazines, books, or trading cards with violent, profane, immoral, or gruesome themes to ACE. No alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, weapons (including pocket knives), or illegal drugs of any kind may be brought onto church property. Any student who violates these rules will be automatically expelled from ACE without refund. Parents are ultimately responsible for their child’s behavior and any damages caused to the building, grounds, or equipment. Attending classes at ACE is not a right, but a privilege.

  7. Parents must supervise all children at all times while they are not in class. There is no nursery for younger siblings. Students may not invite friends to "visit" their classes or meet them on church property. Only students who are enrolled in ACE may attend classes. Non regular student attendees are permitted on campus during ACE special events only (ie. Science Fair, History Geography Fair, etc.).

  8. All food and drinks will be limited to the designated eating areas. Students may have lunch in the fellowship hall or outside on the playground. It is the parents responsibility to pick up after their own children and clean their table space and floor after their children eat. Leaving behind a mess for someone else to clean is unacceptable. It will not be tolerated.

  9. Students must dispose of trash properly and take all personal items home each week (Please mark all items clearly with name). Students are expected to assist if occasionally asked to help set up chairs, move a table, or help an instructor carry items from one room to another. Students are also expected to assist in cleaning up after labs and any other activities that create a mess.

  10. Skateboarding, rollerblading, etc. is allowed only on the basketball court and not on any walkways or in the parking lot. The parents of the students who participate in these sports understand that they can be dangerous and take full responsibility for the student’s behavior and/or injuries to themselves or others. Leadership encourages all parents to ensure that their child uses safety equipment while participating in these activities.

  11. No live animals may be brought to ACE on Tuesdays unless approved by Leadership.

  12. Students and adults may wear casual clothing (i.e., jeans, shorts, T -shirts, etc.) but must take care to avoid immodest clothing. Girls and women are not permitted to wear see-through clothing, strapless tops, halter-tops, or bare midriff tops. (Tops must be long enough to tuck into bottoms.)  Please no short shorts. Students’ and parents shirts/pants/shorts/etc. must be worn so that undergarments do not show. Students or parents may not wear clothing that depicts violent, profane, immoral, or gruesome words or pictures.

  13. Students who drive to ACE must enter church property through the proper entrance as indicated by the signs and drive slowly and cautiously while driving on church property. Students will not be allowed to play loud music from car radios or other sound equipment while driving on church property or while parked on church property. Any student who abuses their driving privileges on church property will not be allowed to drive to ACE and will have to make other arrangements for transportation.

  14. Older students who drive to ACE may not take other students away from church property during lunch or any other time. It is the parents’ responsibility to discuss this issue with their children. Parents are legally and morally responsible for the actions of their minor children who drive.

  15. Everyone must check in and out at the check in/out table and wear a name tag during their visit. 

  16. No parent is allowed to encourage a student to meet with them privately on campus for any reason. Likewise, students are not allowed to loiter or meet with other students in non-public areas. These types of behavior should be immediately reported. 

  17. Understand that NBHSA administration will not tolerate any parent to instructor bullying. Parents are not allowed to intimidate , humiliate, or cause unwarranted distress toward an instructor by any means, verbal, non-verbal, or physical. Parents are not allowed to be habitually rude, demanding, disrespectful, or tear down an instructor's reputation to the other parents. Engaging in these behaviors could result in participation privileges' being revoked and dismissal from the ACE Program without refund. We understand that everyone has a right to their opinion, but strong opinions and problems need to be brought, in writing, to ACE Leadership (Sharise Deimeke and Judy Hamilton) and not to the instructor. We will be happy to meet and discuss possible solutions or seek explanation, but we must first be made aware of the problem. It is impossible to solve a problem we are not aware of. 

  18. ACE participation and enrollment will be denied to anyone who has previously:

1.      ended the school year with outstanding account balances. All tuition (including May) must be paid, regardless of attendance

2.      habitually paid tuition late

3.      has previously sought to intimidate, humiliate, or threaten an instructor, board member, or support group member using either verbal or written communication

4.      has previously sought to tear down the reputation of an instructor, board member, or other parent using either verbal or written communication

5.      has a child who has bullied other children or instructors, verbally or non-verbally

*None of these qualities are in line with our vision and mission for ACE, which includes encouraging and empowering all the people associated with this organization. We desire to work together, serve one another, and glorify God in all that we do through speech and action.



Thank you all for your cooperation and support!