Student's Guide To College Lesson 1: College.... What's In It For You?

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

Post a short paragraph using the two points below as a guide. Also, reply to a classmates post using a discussion format. Use good, relevant, thought provoking comments with the intent to encourage one another. Thank you!

1. Studies show that college graduates have:

  • longer life spans

  • better access to health care

  • better dietary and health practices

  • greater economic stability and security

  • more prestigious employment and greater job satisfaction

  • less dependency on government assistance

  • greater use of seat belts

  • more continuing education

  • greater Internet access

  • greater attendance at live performances

  • greater participation in leisure and artistic activities

  • more book purchases

  • higher voting rates

  • greater knowledge of government

  • greater community service and leadership

  • more volunteer work

  • more self-confidence

  • and less criminal activity and incarceration.

In your opinion, what is the most important benefit of a college education? Do you have a different idea?

2. Imagine your future as a college graduate. Imagine your future without a college education or without any postsecondary education. How are they different?

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