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NEW!!! ASL Class (3 years-K)

Instructor: Myssi Kennelly


Tuition: $15 per month ($75/semester)

Material Fee: $10 per semester 

Required Text/Supplies: Binder

Pre-Requisites: Parental attendance

Description:   Over the course of the two semesters we will cover the ASL alphabet, Numbers 1-100, Animals, Foods, Family and People, Sports and Hobbies, Seasons, Time, Days of the week, Weather, Holidays, Clothing, Colors, Religious signs, Nature, Feelings, and Opposites. The signs will be learned through a combination of games, songs, flash cards, review and memory games. I will also discuss various aspects of Deaf Culture each week with the children. I would prefer parents attend with their children for optimal retainment as you will be able to practice with them throughout the week. Younger siblings are fine to bring along if needed!  

Fall and Spring 2019-2020

Before Five In A Row Class (3yrs-K)

Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Choate


Tuition: $20 per month ($100 per semester)

Material Fee: $20 per semester

Required Text/Supplies: There are no required supplies for this class. Periodically, parents will be asked  to bring in items from home to help with the class activity.   For example: student photo, milk/egg carton, bottles, etc.

Pre-Requisites:  Because this is a literature-based class all children must be ready to sit during story time.

Description: This class is designed to get your child ready to enjoy the exciting world of reading through story time and fun projects and games built around great classics. We will spend more than one week per book in order to get the most out of each new story while using a wide range of activities designed to accompany that story.  The hope is that your child will fall in love with reading books and carry that love forward into their educational journey.  Topics/ideas covered: Talking and Listening, Hand Games, Music and Dancing, Drama, Large Motor Skills, Small Motor Skills, Art, and Math.  The book list will come primarily from the Before-Five-in-a-Row curriculum but we may be supplementing with other meaningful age appropriate stories to bring variety to each year for returning students.

Fall and Spring 2019-2020

Gymnastics: Tiny Tumblers Class (3 years-K)

Instructor: Kelly Fredericks


Tuition: $20 per month ($100 per semester)

Material Fee: $15 per year

Required Text/Supplies: Not Applicable

Pre-Requisites:  Child should be able to listen and participate without crawling off and distracting others


Description: This course is designed to allow younger children to learn to participate in a classroom environment through group activities, listening games and “station rotation.” Stations include exercises to develop gross motor skills, balance, strength and flexibility. During the station rotation period of class, students are encouraged to participate at all stations, but are able to move about freely to participate in activates of interest. The classroom environment is relaxed without excessive restrictions on movement and vocalizing and is a shorter class period (45 minutes) to accommodate the attention span of younger students. Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to participate in class along with their children; however this is not a requirement. Each student’s individual skill level and learning style is embraced and success at all levels of progression is celebrated. Our goal is the development of gross motor skills, strength, flexibility, and to help build self-confidence, coordination, self-discipline, and body awareness.

During the class period, we play listening games, which help to develop listening skills and the ability to follow oral instruction. We also work with students to promote good classroom behavior, such as taking turns, class participation, showing self-restraint and respecting the personal space of other students. Students are also encouraged to use words rather than actions to communicate with classmates.  Each class closes with a cool down exercise and ”line up,” which allows students the opportunity to share with the class the skill they are most proud of.

Fall and Spring 2019-2020

Hands-On Math Class (PreK-K)

Instructor: Michelle Cole


Tuition: $20 per month ($100 per semester)

Material Fee: $20 per semester

Required Text/Supplies:  3-ring binder; notebook paper; pencil

Pre-Requisites:  None


Description:  In this enrichment course, students will discover that math can be FUN.  Problem solving, divergent thinking, and mathematical reasoning skills are fostered through the use of a variety of math manipulatives, such as various counters, linking cubes, tangrams, pattern blocks, etc. Students will gain a deeper understanding of a wide-range of math concepts such as patterns, money, measurement, geometry and more while they actively participate in the learning process through engaging hands-on STEAM projects, theme activities, games and so much more.

Fall and Spring 2019-2020

Martial Arts Class: Little Leaders (3-6 year olds)

Instuctor:  James Bannister


Tuition: $20/month ($100 per semester) (students have opportunity to receive 20% off classes at Leader Martial Arts, Titusville)

Material Fee: $20 per semester

Required Text/Supplies: All provided by the teacher

Pre-Requisites:  none

Description:  Our classes are full of life enriching lessons for your child as well as being the most fun ever! Most martial arts classes only teach kicks and punches in memorized static forms. We go against the grain, because we teach our kids to defend themselves whether standing, on the ground, or in a headlock. All in a fun and safe environment. Let's get BULLYPROOF! 

Fall and Spring 2019-2020

Music in Motion Class (3 yrs-K)

Instuctor: Annie Venable


Phone: 321-917-0733 

Tuition: $20 per month ($100 per semester)

Material Fee: $15/semester; used to purchase music, classroom supplies, and craft supplies.  

Required Text/Supplies: None

Pre-Requisites: If the maturity isn't quite there for a 3 year old, the parent can stay for the first few classes to see if the class is a good fit

Description:   Students will have fun making a “joyful noise” while being introduced to the concepts of pitch, rhythm, and dynamics.   We will consistently utilize items such as rhythm instruments, ribbon sticks, scarves, bean bags, a parachute, and hand bells.  In addition to learning traditional children’s songs, music will be used as a medium to help the little ones hide God’s word in their hearts.  I especially enjoy teaching Bible verses and other concepts (colors of the rainbow, names of the planets, etc.) through songs. Active preschoolers will be kept engaged not only through music and motion, but also by the construction of several simple musical crafts.   Students will have the opportunity to perform in casual settings and we may even participate in singing Christmas carols or other songs at a nursing home; however, this class is non-performance based so performing in public is never “required”.  Parents will be provided with a CD or links to the music that we are learning so the children can enjoy the songs at home.  The Materials fee is $15.00/semester and will be used to purchase music, classroom supplies, and craft supplies.  I look forward to a great year making music together!


The theme of our class is “Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord!” (Eph. 5:19)



Fall and Spring 2019-2020

NEW!!! Pollywog Science Discovery Class (3 years-K)

Instructor: Lisa Malizzi


Phone: 321-576-4823

Tuition: $20 per month ($100 per semester)
Material Fee:  $TBD per semester
Required Text/Supplies: TBD
Pre-Requisites: If the maturity isn't quite there for a 3 year old, the parent can stay for the first few classes to see if the class is a good fit.

Description:   The purpose of this preschool-kindergarten science class is to amaze and delight the children as they learn about God’s beautiful creations.  Children are naturally curious about the world around them and my goal for this class is to inspire their wonder as we learn about living and non-living things, weather, solar system, life cycles, seasons, our body, landforms, magnets, and energy.  Each class will be designed to be fun and engaging; each lesson will have hands-on activities and projects.  A science journal will be kept and occasionally homework pages will be sent home for completion.  


Maximum: 10 students

Fall and Spring 2019-2020

NEW!!! Primary Pizzazz Writing Class (5 years)

Instructor: Julie Pringle


Phone: 321-266-7417

Tuition: $20 per month ($100 per semester)

Material Fee: $15 per semester

Required Supplies: 

  • Access to a computer for any on-line components of this class. (There will be occasional videos for your student to watch at home.  Also, I send a weekly email summarizing our day/homework for the week.)

  • 1 - one-inch binder with pockets

  • 1- Hard cover Primary Journal Creative Writing Tablet for daily journal (may need to purchase another after Christmas break)

  • 4 clear plastic sheet protectors to leave inside of binder

  • pencils

Pre-Requisites:  None

Homework Policy: 

  • Daily homework will be assigned (journal writing) three times per week.

  • Students are responsible for all additional homework, videos, and assigned activities each week according to the email sent home.

  • It is expected that the student maintains a neat and organized sequential 3-ring binder and journal.

***This is a non-graded writing class and intended to be supplemental to your own language and grammar course at home.  

Description:    We will use a program designed especially for beginning writers, “Primary Pizzazz Writing”, by author Melissa Forney. It is designed with activities that teach by tapping into auditory/oral, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles.  We will use all TEN STEPS to Excellent Writing with Primary Kids which include: Talking, Brainstorming, Talking Again, Kinesthetic Activity, Drawing, Writing, Reading, Revising, Editing, and Sharing!  We will also publish an actual book during the second semester!

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