North Brevard

Home School Association

Purpose of NBHSA


The purpose of the North Brevard Home School Association, Inc. is two-fold: 

  • To provide educational and recreational activities for the academic and social development of its participating home educating families.

  • To provide support and encouragement to home educating families.

Statement of Faith


We believe in one God existing in three persons: God the Father; God the Son, who is Jesus Christ; and God the Holy Spirit.  We believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of the universe and all things in it.  We believe in Jesus Christ, The only-begotten Son of God, one with the Father, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, came down from Heaven and lived a sinless life of obedience to God the Father, having been sent by Him for our salvation.  He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried.  The third day He rose from the dead; ascended into Heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father.  He shall come again with power and glory and will judge the quick and the dead and His kingdom will be forever.


Structure of Our Organization


NBHSA is a Christ-centered, interdenominational, non-profit support group of home schooling families, led by a Board.

Volunteers from the general membership will fill positions required for the operation of the group. Some of these include:

Director(s)- The chief executive officer(s) of the corporation; supervises and controls the affairs of the corporation and activities of the coordinators.  
Treasurer – Responsible for handling money; documenting all cash receipts and disbursements.
Website Coordinator – Maintains NBHSA website.
ACE Facility Coordinator – Works closely with NBHSA Board of Directors to organize special needs of instructors, helps secure facility, and are the sole liaisons between NBHSA and facility owners.
Testing Team – Consists of Testing Administrator and Testing Coordinator to coordinate annual standardized testing for ACE participants and home educating families who are not part of ACE.
Yearbook Coordinator – Creates yearbook for NBHSA.
Mentoring Team – Provide support and encouragement to parents and guardians who are new to home schooling.

Questions and Suggestions


Before emailing with a question, please be sure the answer cannot be found in these guidelines or elsewhere on this website.  If you email, we will respond as soon as possible during a normal work week.  


Please feel free to bring any constructive ideas for improvement of the group to Administration. You are welcome to share your ideas verbally, but written suggestions will be far more likely to receive follow up.

Grievances and Conflict


If you are having a problem within the group, please bring it directly to the Administration. (Following the proper channels will result in constructive action instead of causing division or dissatisfaction within the group.) Leadership cannot remedy a problem which has not been brought to its attention.


Field Trips and

Special Events


Please check with Administration before using the name of North Brevard Home School Association, Inc. or ACE for any purpose. All activities should be self supporting.


Organizing a Field Trip / Activity
If you plan to arrange a field trip, call or e-mail the Administration to tentatively place the activity on the calendar. When all details are firm, e-mail again with all the pertinent information to be included in an email broadcast. It is desirable that activities be scheduled early. This gives ample time for notification and registration of members.


Participating in a Field Trip / Activity 
Payment for all field trips and activities is to be made when you sign up. Because of the policies of some places that we visit, refunds will not always be possible. In the event of extenuating circumstances, (illness, etc.), and with prior notification we will do our best to obtain a refund for you.

If you sign up for a field trip, please make every effort to attend. The places which we visit will have prepared for a specified number of people. We strive to maintain a good reputation, so when arrangements are made for a specified number of people and only a few attend, it reflects badly on the group. Understandably, circumstances beyond control will arise from time to time. If you are unable to attend a field trip or activity for which you have signed up, please make voice contact with the person organizing the event. An email sent the morning of the field trip is not reliable contact.


The person organizing the field trip, or a monitor appointed by her, will have the designated authority to maintain order. Before beginning any activity, this person will identify himself/ herself, and take a moment to review some basic guidelines with the children, i.e., (1) No running, roughhousing, or shouting indoors (2) Listen quietly when someone is talking (3) Have fun!

If inappropriate behavior occurs on the part of any child, the responsible adult should be addressed first, and not the child, unless the child is in danger or putting themselves or property at risk. If you witness inappropriate behavior and are not comfortable addressing the responsible adult, please speak with the person organizing the event, or the monitor. This person has the authority to address the problem on behalf of the entire group. In the unlikely event a situation cannot be resolved, the responsible adult will be asked to remove the child.


Please note that each child participating in a field trip / event must be under the supervision and responsibility of an adult in attendance. Unless specifically stated in advance, there are no functions where children may be dropped off. If you agree to transport a student to an event, you will be considered the adult responsible for that child. We recommend that you do not take this responsibility lightly.


Any other specific instructions deemed appropriate for the activity will also be spelled out clearly to the children and their parents. We represent not only NBHSA, but the entire home school movement when we go anywhere as a group.





Should you wish to have your child tested, group standardized testing will be conducted annually. This cost is not covered in NBHSA annual dues; however, members will receive a substantial discount. You will also be required to assist with proctoring or childcare. Information and instructions will be given in a separate handout before the event.


Used Curriculum and Book Sale


A Used Curriculum and Book Sale will be held at the end of every school year provided an NBHSA participant volunteers to coordinate this event. Information and instructions will be posted separately before the event.

Academic Community



ACE requirements, schedule, and all pertinent information is contained  in the ACE section of this website.