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Welcome to the NBHSA

We are a Christ-centered group of homeschooling families that have formed this non-profit support group to support families involved or interested in home education. We strive to provide the local home educator with encouragement, fellowship, information, and activities. NBHSA desires to glorify God by serving one another, working together, as one body with love, and drawing our direction and strength from our Lord Jesus Christ.

As homeschooling families our goal is for our children to be independent thinkers, able to learn at their own pace, pursue their own interests, and develop confidence and self-discipline in the comfort and security of their own home. Our hope is that with the Lord’s blessing we will raise our children to do their best, to realize their special talents, to be concerned for the needs of others, to become responsible citizens, to be morally and spiritually wise, to be skillful and knowledgeable in every area that will be useful to them in their future, and grow up to lead fulfilling lives that glorify God.


Facebook Page

NBHSA Facebook group has been created and all MEMBERS are invited to join.

All members are allowed to post messages to the group. Examples of things you can post:

  • Books and other homeschool related items you are looking to buy or sell.
  • Homeschool events, park days or special community deals or events you are envolved in with kids.
Non-homeschool related events can be posted in other forums. We would like to keep this group foum for our members (parent/guardians) interests pertaining to NBHSA and homeschooling.

Just click on the link here and then ask to join the group. Easy!   http://www.facebook.com/groups/NBHSA/


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